Postures of Receiving
by Angela Yarian

My work addresses the paradox of posturing: the way we position ourselves reflects the true state of our will while at the same time our posture also influences and changes our will. We often speak both of internal and external posturing. Because we are embodied beings, by considering physical positions we can come to better understand our inner selves and the inner postures we assume in response to felt needs. In our attempts to find fullness we can choose to turn outward, receiving identity and life, or inward, grasping at the emptiness within. What are the receiving postures needed for healing, for restoration? What does it mean to take life, the Christ-life, within ourselves? Through my work, I explore these questions.

In bringing this body of work into being, I built up layers of glazes and scraped them away.  Much of the images were not planned, but found through the journey of abrading the surfaces.  Since the work is about process and transition, it felt right to break the two-dimensional picture plane.  It was no longer either painting or sculpture, two dimensional or three. It was the melding of the two worlds.  Subtraction became a tool of creation as the process of sanding, of peeling away layer after layer added to the meaning of the form. Not only the position of each figure but also the way the wood is either covered in a protective layer or exposed physically expresses the shift from isolation to vulnerability and connectedness.




"Here Again," oil on wood; 90"x48"

“Here Again”


"Hourly," oil on wood; 90"x48"



"Breath," oil on wood; 90"x48"



"Slowly," oil on wood; 90"x48"



"Introspection," oil on wood; 10"x19"



"Loneliness," oil on wood; 18.5"x9.5



"Yearning," oil on wood; 9.5"x15"



"Taste," oil on wood; 18"x12"



Angela Yarian is an artist based out of Sandtown in Baltimore, Maryland.  She studied art and creative writing at Gordon College and is now the fundraising intern at Newborn Holistic Ministries working with Jubilee, a community arts organization in her neighborhood.  She’s the recipient of the Saint Botolph Emerging Artist Award and founder of Flowers for Freedom, a community art-making project that raises funds for local anti-human-trafficking organizations.


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